Cuzco, was lucky enough to have a music teacher as a father as he was growing up. Listening to different types of music and learning to play various instruments has given him a unique perspective as a DJ. Most DJs do this the other way round.

He started spinning in the early 90’s, playing at various clubs in the Netherlands, gradually developing his own style. And what a style this man has. Groove, funk, electro and soul infused with Latin and Tribal beats. Cuzco is all about keeping you locked in that groove. With his own polished sound, his career as a DJ took off. He started playing at all the major clubs in Holland. Media attention soon followed and Radio 538, Holland’s premier radio station, did a big interview with him entitled ‘ Cuzco-Ambassador of Groove’.

As one of Holland’s true house music pioneers, Cuzco has taken his sound to the northern and eastern parts of the country, organizing parties and taking the music to the people. Nowadays Cuzco is resident DJ of the immensely popular ‘Lipgloss’ parties,plays at several other Dutch venues and hosts his own monthly radio show on Deep FM. With trips as far a field as The Dominican Republic, South Africa and Australia, this truly international DJ just keeps getting better. Cuzco gigs so hard there’s a rumour that there’s two of him. You don’t forget one of his sets. He reads the crowd like a pro and if you’re stood in front of him on the dance floor you’re getting what you went for. Pure, solid, Groove.